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Government Bodies of the University of Porto

The Government Bodies of the University of Porto are the Board of Curators, the General Board, the Rector and the Management Board.
Other University Bodies are the Senate, the Ombudsman and the Auditor.

  • The Board of Trustees approves the Statutes of the teaching establishment, elects its Chairman, approves the deliberations of the General Board on the appointment and dismissal of the Rector, appoints and dismisses the Management Board. Furthermore, it proposes and authorizes the purchase or sale of the real property of the institution, and credit operations, and ratifies the deliberations of the General Board on the approval of strategic plans, action plans and the general guidelines of the institution, the annual activity plans and assessment of the annual report of the institution’s activities, approval of the proposed budget and the consolidated annual accounts.
  • The General Board decides on the Statutes, elects its Chairman and the Rector. It is also responsible for appointing the Ombudsman Office for the University and for proposing to the Government the list of Trustees of the University of Porto.
  • As the highest government and external representation body of the University, the Rector conducts the University’s policy and chairs the Management Board and Senate. In addition to its own powers, the Rector assumes all powers that, by law or by statute, are not assigned to other entities of the University. The Rector is assisted by Vice-Rectors, Pro-Rectors and the Administrator.
  • The Management Board leads the administrative, financial and accounting management, and the management of Human Resources of the University of Porto.
  • The Senate is an advisory body whose aim is to ensure the cohesion of the University of Porto and the participation of all Organic Units in its management. The Senate can meet in plenary or ad-hoc committees, as provided by its regulation.
  • The Ombudsman protects and promotes the rights and legitimate interests of the different bodies that form the academic community of the University of Porto. The Ombudsman office is formed by the Ombudsman for Teachers and Researchers, the Ombudsman for Non-teaching Staff and Non-researchers and the Ombudsman for Students.
  • The Auditor (ROC - acronym for Chartered Accountant) is appointed by joint decision of the Minister of Finance and the Minister responsible for Higher Education, having heard the Rector. The Auditor controls compliance with applicable legislation, and timely and proper financial and asset management in the University of Porto.

You can find documents prepared by the Governing Bodies of the University of Porto, in the period 2001-2009 in U.Porto Background History.

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