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Ombudsman of the University of Porto

The functions of the University of Porto Ombudsman are to protect and promote the rights and legitimate interests of the different bodies that form the academia.

Ombudsmen are selected and appointed by the General Board, for a three-year term of office. In the process of choosing the Ombudsman for Students, the General Board should take into consideration the opinion of the Students’ Associations of the University.


The Ombudsman Office of the University of Porto is formed by 3 members distributed as follows:

The activity of the Ombudsman is not compatible with other concurrent activities within a management body of the University.
Os Ombudsmen prepare annual reports to be submitted to the General Board, describing the activities undertaken, indicating, among others, the number of complaints and claims received, their contents, the recommendations made and how they are received by the recipients.
The activity of the Ombudsmen is governed by its own regulation, to be approved by the General Board.

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