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Student Ombudsman of the University of Porto

The primary mission of the Student Ombudsman, albeit without power of decision, is to defend and promote the rights and legitimate interests of students of the UP, within the university scope, through independent, impartial and confidential actions.

The sphere of action of the Ombudsman covers all government bodies, services and agents of the central structure of the University of Porto, Social Services, Faculties and other Organic Units.

Students may, individually or in group, submit to the Ombudsman complaints related to the actions or omissions of the bodies, services and agents of the University and its Organic Units, as well as make suggestions, particularly on issues relating to teaching or social work.

The Ombudsman, collaborators and third parties involved are subject to a confidentiality agreement concerning the information to which they have access.

The tasks of the Ombudsman is defined by the Regulation of Student Ombudsman of University of Porto approved by the General Board, in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Porto.

While maintaining its independent, impartial and confidential nature, the Ombudsman best practices also include informal approaches, in order to minimise serious disruptions among the parties involved, which almost always lead to more formal and, therefore, much less flexible approaches. In light of these best practices, but without going against what is established in the Regulation of the Ombudsman, that the questions and comments below arise.

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