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Board of Trustees of the University of Porto

The Board of Trustees is appointed by the Government, following a proposal of the General Board of the University of Porto and the opinion of the Rector. The Board of Trustees remains in force for a period of five years; it is renewable once only and can not be dismissed without good reason.

The performance of duties of a Trustee is not compatible with other concurrent employment relationships with the University of Porto.


The Board of Trustees of the University of Porto is formed by five members of high merit and professional experience recognized as being particularly relevant:


The responsibilities of the Board of Trustees of the University of Porto are as follows:

  1. To elect its Chairman;
  2. To approve the Statutes of the teaching establishment, on the recommendation of a Statutory Assembly with the composition provided for in Article 172 of Decree-Law 62/2007, of 10 September, and to submit them to the approval of the Minister of Higher Education;
  3. To approve the deliberations of the General Board on the appointment and dismissal of the Rector; refusal of approval can only occur if the provisions expressed in paragraph 6 of Article 86, Decree-Law 62/2007, of 10 September, are met;
  4. Propose or authorize, as provided by law, the purchase or sale of real property of the institution, and other credit operations;
  5. Appoint and dismiss the Management Board, having heard the Rector;
  6. Ratify the deliberations of the General Board on:
    1. Approval of medium term strategic plans and the action plan for the four-year mandate of the Rector;
    2. Approval of the general guidelines of the institution for the scientific, educational, financial and economic areas;
    3. Approval of the annual activity plans and assessment of the annual report of the institution’s activities;
    4. Approval of the proposed budget;
    5. Approval of the consolidated annual accounts, issued with the expert report of the Auditor.

 The Board of Trustees normally meets four times a year, and may hold extraordinary meetings if required by any of its members. Deliberations are approved by majority voting of four fifths of all its members, including the Chairman.

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