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Management Board of the University of Porto

The Management Board is appointed and dismissed by the Board of Trustees of the University of Porto, following a proposal of the Rector.


The Management Board of the University of Porto is formed by 4 members distributed as follows:


Relevant participants may be called to participate, without voting rights, in the Management Board meetings.


The responsibilities of the Management Board are:

  1. Prepare the consolidated annual budget to be submitted by the Rector to the General Board and to ensure its implementation;
  2. Collect and manage revenues and authorize expenditure and payments;
  3. Prepare a consolidated revenue and expenditure account to be approved by the General Board;
  4. Make proposals and assist in the management of assets;
  5. Decide on the acceptance of donations, inheritances and legacies;
  6. Ensure the conditions deemed necessary for the exercise of financial and budgetary control by the legally competent entities;
  7. Fix fees and charges in force at the University of Porto;
  8. Manage the Human Resources of the University of Porto;
  9. Promote external audits at least every two years, one reporting to the first half of the Rector’s term of office and the other three months before the end of the office;
  10. Approve the remuneration of the Auditor, following a proposal by the Rector.

The Management Board may delegate to the Heads of Organic Units, the autonomous services and the heads of services the responsibilities deemed necessary for a more efficient management.

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