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Auditor of the University of Porto

The Auditor will be appointed from among the chartered accountants or firms of auditors, by joint decision of the Minister of Finance and the Minister responsible for Higher Education, having heard the Rector. The term of office is for three years.

The Auditor may not have exercised any paid work at the University over the last three years prior to taking up duties, and can not engage in activities at the University during the three years following the termination of its functions.

By Order 7983/2021 of July 22, 2021, was appointed, as the Auditor of the University of Porto, the company of auditors Martins Pereira, João Careca & Associados, SROC, L.da, represented by the partner João António de Carvalho Careca.


The responsibilities of the University of Porto Auditor are:

  1. Control the financial and economic management of the University;
  2. Follow-up and regularly monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations, budget implementation, the economic, financial, asset and accounting situation;
  3. Advise on the budget and its revisions and amendments, as well as on the business plan in terms of its budget coverage;
  4. Advise on the accounting management report and revenue and expenditure accounts, including legal certificates of accounts;
  5. Advise on the purchase, leasing, sale and charges applicable to real property;
  6. Advise on the acceptance of donations, inheritances and legacies;
  7. Advise on the application for loans when the University is entitled to do so;
  8. Keep the Board of Trustees informed of the results of inspections and analyses carried out;
  9. Prepare reports of its inspection work, including a comprehensive annual report;
  10. Propose to the Board of Trustees external audits where this is deemed necessary or convenient;
  11. Decide on the matters submitted to it by the Board of Trustees.

The deadline for preparing the expert reports referred above falls within 15 days of receipt of the relevant documents.

In the course of its duties, the Auditor is entitled to:

  1. Obtain from the Board of Trustees or other University bodies the information and clarifications deemed necessary;
  2. Have free access to all the services and documents of the University, request the presence of those responsible and request clarifications deemed necessary;
  3. Take or suggest measures as required.
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