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General Board of the University of Porto

Fotografia de grupo dos membros do Conselho Geral da U.Porto 2021/Photo of the members of the U.Porto General Board 2021

The members of the General Board do not represent groups or sectoral interests. They are required to exercise independent judgement when making their decisions. The members are elected or appointed for a period of four years, except for students, who are appointed for two years.

The General Board of the University operates under its own regulations, approved by an absolute majority of its members.

Access to the deliberations of the General Board.


The General Board of the University of Porto is composed of 23 members.
The President of the General Board of U.Porto is Fernando Freire de Sousa.


The responsibilities of the General Board are as follows:

  1. Elect its Chairman, by an absolute majority of the votes cast, from among its external members;
  2. Propose to the Government the list of Trustees for the University of Porto, having heard the Rector;
  3. Approve its regulations;
  4. Decide on the amendments to the Statutes approved by paragraph 1 of Article 3, Decree-Law 96/2009, of 27 April, and approve the amendments to the current Statutes in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 4 of Article 4;
  5. Organize the election procedures and elect the Rector, as provided by law, by these Statutes and its own regulations;
  6. Analyse the activity of the Rector and of the Management Board;
  7. Appoint the Ombudsman Office of the University, including the Students’ Ombudsman, and approve its rules of operation;
  8. Propose the initiatives necessary for the proper functioning of the institution.

The General Board, on a proposal from the Rector will:

  1. Approve the medium term strategic plans and the action plan for the four-year mandate of the Rector;
  2. Approve the general guidelines of the institution for the scientific, educational, financial and economic areas;
  3. Approve the strategic plans submitted by the Organic Units;
  4. Approve the report and consolidated annual plans of the University of Porto;
  5. Approve the annual consolidated budget and the annual consolidated accounts, issued with the expert report of the Auditor;
  6. Create, change or extinguish Organic Units, as well as recognize the critical situation of an Organic Unit that can not be overcome within the framework of its autonomy. Following this recognition, and should a self-governed Organic Unit dissolve the "collegial body" or withdraw the ability of self-governance, initiate a process of transformation or termination;
  7. Approve the statutes of Organic Units without self-governance bodies;
  8. Establish the fees payable by students;
  9. Propose to the Board of Trustees the purchase or sale of real property of the University of Porto, and other credit operations;
  10. Authorize the creation and participation of the University of Porto in the entities referred to in Article 21 of the Statutes;
  11. Give opinion of other matters submitted to it by the Rector;
  12. Approve the use of self-evaluation mechanisms to appraise the performance of the University of Porto.

The General Board has a Chairman elected by absolute majority from among the six external members. The Chairman of the General Board does not interfere in the exercise of powers of the remaining bodies of the University of Porto, and will not represent them or speak on their behalf.

The responsibilities of the Chairman of the General Board are as follows:

  1. Convene and chair meetings;
  2. Determine and check the vacancies in the General Board, and make the necessary replacements as provided in paragraph 2 of Article 26 of the Statutes;
  3. Submit for approval of the General Board the operating rules, the rules applicable to the election and co-optation of General Board members, and to the election of the Rector.
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