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Senate of the University of Porto

The Senate is a consultative body whose mission is to ensure the cohesion of the University of Porto and the participation of all organic units in its management.
It meets in plenary and in committees, as provided by its regulation. Senate members are elected for a period of four years.


The (inherent) members of the Senate are:

The (elected) members of the Senate are:

  • Representatives of Research Units:
    • Ana Paula Mucha - CIIMAR
    • Aníbal Coimbra de Matos - INESC TEC
    • Cláudio Sunkel - I3S
    • Fernanda Ribeiro - CITCEM
    • José Melo-Ferreira - InBIO
    • Luísa Peixe - UCIBIO
    • Mariana Monteiro - UMIB
    • Pedro Camanho - LAETA
    • Ruth Pereira - GREENUP
    • Victor Freitas - LAQV-REQUIMTE
  • Representatives of Non-Teaching staff and Non-Researchers:


The responsibilities of the Senate are:

  1. Decide on the proposals to create, modify or terminate Organic Units;
  2. Decide on the University’s strategic plan, particularly with regard to research and training policies;
  3. Decide on the reports and consolidated annual activity plans;
  4. Decide on the results of evaluation processes;
  5. Decide on the creation, modification, suspension and termination of courses;
  6. Advise on the issue of titles and honours;
  7. Advise on the implementation of academic awards;
  8. Advise on disciplinary matters involving suspension for more than three months or a ban from attending the University of Porto;
  9. Advise on matters brought to it by the Rector.
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