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José Miguel Rodrigues

Fotografia de José Miguel Neto Viana Brás Rodrigues
Name: José Miguel Neto Viana Brás Rodrigues
Estado: Active
Extensão Telefónica: 5474
Telf.Alt.: 220425474
Salas: TF1.3


Professional Group: Investigação Científica
Vínculo: Outras Colabs. -> Investigador externo
Unit: Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo (CEAU)
Categoria: Professor Catedrático
Carreira: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Faculdade: Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto


Cargo Data de Início
CEAU Director 2019-01-18
Member of the Representatives Council 2018-09-05
Member of the Scientific Board 2018-09-06
Chairman of the Teaching Standards Committee 2021-02-22

Apresentação Pessoal

José Miguel Rodrigues was born in Porto in 1970. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) in 1994. He holds a Master's and Doctorate from the same school (1998 and 2007). He is co-author of the New Aldeia da Luz project (1995-2002) and, since 1998, he has been a professor at FAUP. In 2013 he published his PhD thesis "The Ordered and Accessible World of the Forms of Architecture" and since 2011 he has been developing a post-doctoral project entitled "The relationship between theory and practice in Giorgio Grassi: affinities and oppositions", a project for the translation into Portuguese of the author's written work. He has translated, as part of the editorial project Giorgio Grassi, opera omnia, sic (Afrontamento, FIMS): "Leon Batista Alberti and Roman Architecture" (2015), Selected Writings 1965-2015" (2018) and "A Life of an Architect" (2021). He was a member of the Board of Directors of FIMS and Director of the Integrated Master's Degree course in Architecture at FAUP (2009-2018). Currently he is the coordinator of the research group T2P, researcher responsible (with Joana Couceiro) for the research project SIZA, baroque (funded by FCT), Director of the research centre of FAUP (the CEAU-FAUP) and Full Professor at the same school, teaching: History of Modern Architecture (in the Integrated Master) and Thesis Project, option [and] project theory and practices (in the PDA). He is the author of the book "Palladio and the Modern" (Circo de Ideias, 2020) distinguished with the FAD prize, thought and criticism (2021).

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