Archive of the Faculty of Dental Medicine

Archive of the Faculty of Dental Medicine

The definitive archive of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto was located in a depository that did not have the ideal conditions for the conservation of documentation. UP Digital and FMDUP visited the depository, which had various documents from the Faculty of Dental Medicine. This visit was part of a process of analysis of the definitive archives of the University of Porto. The main objective of the visit was to determine the state of conservation of the objects to be preserved and the interventions needed for their final arrangement.

The restored documentation was taken to an intermediate office on the ground floor, where a team of workers at FMDUP separated, cleaned and arranged those documental units packed in kraft paper and ribbon tape. The units were moved to a room on the first floor near the information production services, which is the current location of FMDUP’s final archive. The documentation that was accumulated since the creation of the College of Dental Medicine (ESMD – Escola Superior de Medicina Dentária) comes from different sectors, namely the academic and pedagogic fields, the human resources department, and the accounting and treasury division. The documentation that is integrated in FMDUP’s final archive ranges from 1980 and 2012.

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