U.Porto Libraries


The libraries and centres for documentation and information at the University of Porto cover all areas of knowledge taught by the institution. These libraries occupy an area of more than 20 000 m2. You can consult about 800 000 publications, which makes it the ideal place of study, reflection and work for the academic community.

On the 13th of June of 2007, the regulation “Acesso a Bibliotecas da U.Porto – Utilizador U.Porto” (Access to the Libraries of U.Porto – U.Porto User) was approved. Its objective was to ensure the uniformity of criteria to all users in the institution when accessing their libraries to consult, search for and study the available resources. This regulation contributes to ensuring that U.Porto is seen as a unified institution; it serves to optimise the use of resources and to improve the quality of the processes in teaching/learning and scientific research. [see regulation]

Bibliographic Catalogue U.Porto