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Electronic resources

The academic community at U.Porto can also access several electronic resources (libraries, repositories and digital archives) managed by UPdigital. These platforms are integrated in the most important national and international library networks and databases. They provide access to a wide range of scientific and pedagogic materials, such as scientific magazines, books and reference works in electronic format, databases, as well as reference management software (EndNote).

It is possible to run a search in alphabetical order and using bibliographic resources that can be searched via the Web. These can be databases that include bibliographic references, full texts, journal publishers, e-book collections and reference works.

Databases are systems with structured bibliographic information, which provide complete details about the bibliographic record. You can perform a search in specific fields, such as the author, the title of the article or journal and the subject. These databases index a set of scientific journals of several publishers, educational institutions and public and private research units. They can be used to run a variety of searches and they are the most adequate instruments to obtain scientific articles on a certain theme. The fields of knowledge covered in these databases can be thematic, multidisciplinary or specific. Access may be limited to U.Porto or free on the Web.

If you have any questions about the content and use of the Electronic Resources, please contact the Documentation and Information Management Unit of UPdigital.