Archive of the Marques Silva Foundation Institute

The Marques Silva Foundation Institute (FIMS) contains an extensive and diversified set of document collections that come from various sources and in multiple forms and typologies. It mainly includes collections from architects, and most of them attended college in Porto. FIMS’ documentation centre was created from the collections of the architects that founded the institution, namely José Marques da Silva (1869-1947), Maria José Marques da Silva (1914-1994) and David Moreira da Silva (1909-2002). In 2011, a new phase began in the life of the institution with the inclusion of the professional collection of the architect Fernando Távora. It is now a regular practice to incorporate collections.

FIMS’ documentary heritage currently includes 16 Information Systems that cover sets of information produced by architects such as José Carlos Loureiro, Alcino Soutinho, João Queiroz, Manuel Teles, Alfredo Matos Ferreira, José Porto or Octávio Lixa Filgueiras. These documentation centres are particularly relevant when collecting knowledge about national architecture/urbanism since the end of the 19th century up to the present time. A significant part of those information systems is already available for online searches through the AtoM platform, which is accessible on FIMS’ website.

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