Archive of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Archive of the Faculty of Arts

The Archive of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP) unifies the scope, functions and specific objectives of the commonly called General Archive and Historical Archive. It is formed by administrative and historical documents from different services and its activities include the collection, selection, processing and dissemination of documentation. The Archive’s mission is also to organise and ensure the conservation, access and dissemination of FLUP’s old documentation. It also receives private document collections so they can be processed and made available to the scientific community.

Since 1996, the Archive was created by Resolution no. 87/97 (D.R., Series II, 22nd of August). In 2007, through Deliberation no. 1179/2007 (D.R., Series II, 25th of June), it was renamed Service for the Management of Active and Permanent Information (Serviço de Gestão de Informação Ativa e Permanente). At this time, new competences were added to the Archive according to the needs of the academic community.

In 2017, it was renamed Archive according to FLUP’s Service Regulations (Regulation no. 282/2017 [D.R., Series II, 24th of May]). The Archive became a part of the Specialised Technical Services and it is dependent on the Documentation and Information Services (SDI).

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