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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

ICT for Education Are you a new Student in the U.PORTO?
Ícone sobre As TIC para o Ensino The U.PORTO offers its academic community an extremely rich technological environment ... [+ info] title= New Students in the U.PORTO find here a quick guide on ICT ... [+ info]
ICT for R&D+i Visiting U.Porto?
Ícone sobre As TIC para a IDI Teachers and researchers of the U.PORTO can access a set of ICT resources and services, to support research, development and innovation activities ... [+ info] Ícone sobre É Visitante da U.Porto? The U.PORTO offers its visitors ICT resources and services ... [+ info]
ICT for Administration Do you need Help?
Ícone sobre As TIC para a Administração At the U.PORTO, the SIGARRA information system is a powerful tool that supports administration and management ... [+ info] In addition to online training on ICT information in this Portal, there are other benefits ... [+ info]
ICT for Computing Services
This is basically a technical information area for the Computing Services of the different institutions of the U.PORTO ... [+ info]
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