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Information Management

The intervention in the Information Management area focuses on promoting an integrated management of the information produced and built up in the systemic context of the central organizing structure of the U.Porto. Once characterized by being extremely simple, in terms of its organic and functional nature, when it was created in 1911, this structure has gradually become more and more complex over the years in order to keep up with the growth and development of the University.

A lot of information is produced in the course of the multiple competences and functions undertaken by the U.Porto, in terms of both contents and how they are stored. This information stems from the activities conducted by the different organic and functional units, and represents the raw material for the work developed daily by Information Management.

This intervention area is basically supported by the Information Management Unit and lies within a stage immediately prior to the information production process - so that it can be done according to the principles of rationality and effectiveness - and the actual access to the information by the end-users.

Until December 2011, the services provided included the Process Management as well as the definition of specifications necessary for the development and production of software.

Nowadays, the services provided range from the use of archives to the operations involving the organization, storage, recovery, preservation and dissemination of information.

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