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Data Network of the University of Porto

The netUP - data network of the University of Porto - is the cross-level communication infrastructure serving the various Organic Units and Organisms of the University, distributed geographically throughout the city of Porto.

This is therefore a metropolitan network providing access to all the Organic Units and Organisms, allowing the exchange of information between them and the interface with external networks, namely the Internet (via RCTS).

The netUP consists of a structured IP network using Ethernet technology and optic fibres as much as possible to transmit information. The network consists of a total of 49 access nodes, 19 of which are linked to Faculties, 9 to residence halls and 21 to R&D institutes and other organisms.

Similarly to the University, the netUP is split into three geographical campuses, each having a switching node to ensure the connection to entities linked thereto Campus 1 lies in the historical area of the city and its switching node is in the Rectorate building. Campus 2 is located in the Asprela area and its switching node is hosted by the Faculty of Engineering. Campus 3 is located in Campo-Alegre, and its switching node is in the premises of the Faculty of Sciences.

The connection between the three campuses is done by means of a fibre optic ring/loop that crosses the city, implemented under the Porto Digital project coordinated by the University regarding the technological infrastructure sub-project. The combination of this loop structure with a dynamic routing protocol allows the automatic reconfiguration of the network if a failure occurs at any stage of the loop. The current speed of the connection between campuses if of 1 Gigabit/s.

Representation of the NetUP Topology

The Internet connection is done via RCTS (acronym for Rede de Ciência Tecnologia e Sociedade - National Research and Education Network), operated by the FCCN (acronym for Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional - Foundation for National Scientific Computing). At present, access is done at a rate of 10 gigabit/s in the Campus 2 (Asprela) switching node, and there is also a backup connection at a rate of 1 gigabit/s in Campus 3 (Campo-Alegre).

Between the switching node and the institutions of a specific campus the existing distribution level is, whenever possible, based on fibre optic cables in a loop structure, for the purpose of redundancy. In the case of Campus 1 (city centre), this was very difficult to implement given the existing obstacles in the construction of such infrastructures in this area of the city. The network demarcation points are the existing interfaces in each Organic Unit or Organism, and the internal networks of these institutions are managed by local teams.

Icon representing the netUP - Campus 1

Icon representing the netUP - Campus 2

Icon representing the netUP - Campus 3

netUP - Campus I

netUP - Campus II

netUP - Campus III

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