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SIGARRA - Information System for the Aggregated Management of Resources and Academic Records

The University of Porto (U.PORTO), including all its Organic Units (OUs) and organizations, benefits from the use of a quality academic information system that promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of its activities, at various levels of administration and management, teaching, research and development and university cooperation activity.

This is the result of a consistent strategy and long-term development of the computing and organization side of an information system, to respond to the increasing demands for a modern University. Reference must be made to the implementation of academic management (AM), developed in the Rectorate from 1992 on, for the Academic Services of the Faculties, the SiFEUP, an academic information system developed at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto from 1996 on, and the implementation of human resources management (HRM), developed at the Rectorate in 1999 for the Human Resources Service.

These three components (AM, IS and HRM) became part of the SIGARRA - Information System for the Aggregated Management of Resources and Academic Records, from 2003 on, following a project conducted by the FEUP and the Digital University, aiming to provide the SIFEUP to all the entities of the University of Porto.

At this point, the SiFEUP had already shown its full potential, having been awarded the Descartes SMA Prize 1998 by the Pharmacy Institute and the EUNIS 2000 Award by the European University Information System.

Currently, the SIGARRA system is used by all Organic Units of the U.PORTO.

It is an integrated information system to facilitate access to information relevant to the institution, of a pedagogical, scientific, technical and administrative nature, and to streamline internal cooperation and cooperation with the academic and business communities outside the U.PORTO.

The SIGARRA system contains the records of students, teachers, researchers, non-teaching staff and external users.

The system provides comprehensive information on the academic records of students, course curricula, schedules and availability of classrooms, the location of people, authors of publications, ongoing processes, etc. It also provides answers to external browsing on the courses offered and the activities offered by the institution.

Being the base platform for the management of information at the U.PORTO, the SIGARRA management system interacts with other applications and systems within the University, such as library, learning, financial and attendance management systems, access control in facilities, among others.

Currently, the development and maintenance of the SIGARRA system are provided by a joint technical team from the Rectorate (Digital University), the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences.

An information system in a vibrant and constantly changing organization is nonetheless never complete. We are constantly seeking to offer new features and to incorporate changes induced by the very own dynamics of the university, and by the critics and suggestions obtained from the different methods used to assess the system.

For additional information about the SIGARRA system, or to send comments and suggestions, contact the Digital University, at cs.sigarra@up.pt.

Instances of the SIGARRA System at the U.PORTO:

Unit Acronym IS Starting Date
Faculty of Architecture FAUP http://www.fa.up.pt September 2004
Faculty of Fine Arts FBAUP http://www.fba.up.pt July 2004
Faculty of Sciences FCUP http://www.fc.up.pt September 2007
Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science FCNAUP http://www.fcna.up.pt October 2003
Faculty of Sport FADEUP http://www.fcdef.up.pt July 2004
Faculty of Law FDUP http://www.fd.up.pt January 2004
Faculty of Economics FEP http://www.fep.up.pt October 2003
Faculty of Engineering FEUP http://www.fe.up.pt October 1996
Faculty of Pharmacy FFUP http://www.ff.up.pt March 2004
Faculty of Arts FLUP http://www.letras.up.pt September 2003
Faculty of Medicine FMUP http://www.med.up.pt January 2005
Faculty of Dental Medicine FMDUP http://www.fmd.up.pt October 2003
Faculty of Psychology and Education Science FPCEUP http://www.fpce.up.pt September 2003
Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar ICBAS http://www.icbas.up.pt January 2004
Institute of Common Resources and initiatives Ícone to give an information IRICUP http://www.reit.up.pt March 2003
Rectorate Ícone to give an information REIT http://www.reit.up.pt January 2005
Rectorate / Institute of Common Resources and initiatives Ícone to give an information REIT / IRICUP http://www.reit.up.pt October 2006
Resource and Common Services Centre CRSCUP http://www.sp.up.pt March 2013
Social Action Services SASUP http://www.sas.up.pt March 2006
Sport Centre CDUP-UP http://www.cdup.up.pt April 2013
University of Porto U.PORTO http://www.up.pt September 2005


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