Application process

1st Cycle, 2nd Cycle and Integrated Master's

(Students that are eligible for SASUP’s scholarship)


Students who wish to apply for accommodation in a Hall of Residence must submit their application on-line through the SASUP website, using their SIGARRA credentials (user name and password) provided by the Faculty.

Application deadline

Students who are enrolling in the University of Porto for the first time should apply after completing their enrolment, within the term specified by SASUP each year. Students with more than one enrolment in the University of Porto must apply within the time span defined for the corresponding academic year (usually during the month of May).

Candidate selection

Candidates are selected according to the Regulations of the Halls of Residence, among which we highlight the following:

  • SASUP scholarship students have priority over all other students;
  • Among scholarship students, priority is given to those with the lowest incomes and those residing the furthest away from the University.
  • Non-Scholarship Students may apply to the Residences, depending on how many places remain available.

International Master students, Doctoral/post-doctoral students and researchers


Students who wish to apply for accommodation in a Hall of Residence must fill out the form provided by SASUP and provide a certificate of registration issued by the University of Porto.

Ph.D. supervisors may also directly submit requests for accommodation to the Accommodation Unit by email, where appropriate.

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted as early as possible with respect to the planned start date of the accommodation.

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