Extra Services

In addition to Food Administration Services, which manage the operation of Canteens, Snack Bars, Grills and Restaurants, SASUP also provides Additional Food Services to support the Academic Community in several U. Porto events throughout the academic year.

With this in mind, and to further improve their services, SASUP provides Additional Customised Services, namely:

  • "Porto de honra" (libations);
  • Coffee-break;
  • Snacks;
  • Buffets;
  • Table service.

For more information on Additional Food Services, contact:

E-mail: catering@sas.up.pt
Tel: 222 074 266

Catering service

Catering Service
SASUP also offers a catering service for special occasions such as faculty and student dinners, as well as cocktails or meals at conferences and other events organized by the university and student associations (Associações de Estudantes, Comissões de Curso, Orfeão Universitário, etc.).