The Social Services of the University of Porto have 8 Halls of Residence and 2 studio apartments on three University Campuses, with a total capacity to accommodate 1.072 students, and also provide accommodation at Messe Militar do Porto – Polo das Antas.

The residences are intended for U. Porto students, and priority is given to scholarship holders covered by the Scholarship System who experience economic hardship and cannot live with their families during the academic year due to long distance/transportation difficulties.

Every year, a limited number of places are available for students attending the University of Porto under mobility programmes and protocols.

SASUP also reserve some vacancies for international master students, Ph.D. and post-doctorate students, and researchers.

All Halls of Residence provide bedding, towels and self-service laundry facilities.

All accommodation units are part the EDUROAM Project, which provides the European Academic Community with a mobility service across University Campuses.

SASUP - Serviços de Ação Social da Universidade do Porto

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