Conditions of Access

All students of the University of Porto are entitled to benefit from several medical specialties, nutrition and psychology consultations.

Note: With the onset of the pandemic, the SASUP Board decided to suspend the payment of health services (except for Sexual Health and Dental Medicine consultations).

The consultations are free, with the exception of dental care treatments.

Students pay an 11-euro contribution for dental care consultations, while the remainder is paid for by SASUP.

The price table for impacted tooth surgery is the following: Impacted tooth surgery - 60 euros; complex extraction - 30 euros; simple extraction - 15 euros.

Complex treatments that require the use of a laboratory or general anaesthesia are not included, namely, dental prostheses, implants, orthodontic appliances (e.g., brackets) and major surgeries that require general anaesthesia or sedation, that is, special treatments that may require a previous quotation.

* - New conditions of access from January 1, 2020.

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