Halls of Residence - Pólo III

Novais Barbosa

The José Novais Barbosa Hall of Residence, located on Via Panorâmica, has a unique architecture that blends with the building of the Faculty of Arts. The wide outdoor space surrounding the building and the views over the Douro River are a delight to nature lovers.

The José Novais Barbosa Residence has 248 beds for international mobility B.A. and M.A. students. The Residence comprises 22 apartments, each with 6 to 14 single bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Each apartment has a common eating area with a microwave and a fridge, but does not have a fully-equipped kitchen.
The Novais Barbosa Hall of Residence is equipped with a surveillance service that operates when SASUP’s staff is off-duty.


  • Non-smoking


  • Laundry
  • Internet connection
  • Cleaning of communal areas
  • Room cleaning
  • Accessible to the disabled
  • Bicycle storage area
  • Sport TV channel
  • TV Cine channel


Rua da Pena, s/n
4150-609 Porto
Serv. Alojamento: + 351 222 074 260
Residência: + 351 222 071 415
Residência móvel:+ 351 961 526 861
Email: Alojamento@sas.up.pt

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