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Learning Portuguese as a foreign language


Welcome to the Courses of Portuguese for Foreigners!

These courses are aimed at those for whom Portuguese is not their mother tongue, and that want not only to learn Portuguese, but also to discover Portugal and its culture.
Here, you can find information about our courses, and choose the one that best suits your needs and interests.

All the didactic materials are prepared by our teachers according to each specific group of students in each proficiency level.
Our teachers have academic and professional knowledge and skills on this field, as well as a large experience doing these courses.

Now, we invite you to see what we may offer you.
We are looking forward to meet you in one of our next courses!

The first step to apply for a course is to authenticate to the information system.
If it is the first time you're applying for a course at this faculty, you must request a temporary user (login/password) by filling out the request form user account.
Please read the instructions manual before beginning the registration process.


Online Portuguese Placement Test
- If you are not a beginner student and want to attend the Course of Portuguese for Foreigners, is mandantory that first you enroll in this online test, so that we can place you on the most appropriate level you should attend.

  • Intensive Course of Portuguese for Foreigners

  • Intensive Course of Portuguese for Foreign Students of the Faculty of Engineering of the U.Porto

  • Summer Course of Portuguese for Foreigners



Portuguese for Foreigners Office
1st floor, room G 135 (next to Main Lecture Hall)
Staff: Ângela Oliveira
Opening hours for students: Monday to Friday: 10am - 4pm
Email: ple@letras.up.pt

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