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Courses of Portuguese as a Foreign Language - requirements 2022/2023

Online Portuguese Placement Test

If you are a non-beginner student and have never attended a Portuguese Foreign Language course at FLUP, it is mandatory to take the Online Placement Test, so that you can be placed at the most appropriate Portuguese Language level that you should attend.

Calendar and Instructions for Online Placement Test Enrolment

Step Description Date
Step 1 Enrolment in the Online Placement Test 30th August to 12th September, 2022
After you´re logged in, you should access THIS PAGE HERE.
Step 2 Take the Online Placement Test 1st September to 15th September, 2022
Step 3 Wait for the announcement of the result by email until 16th September, 2022
Step 4 Online Application for the course (level), in which the student was placed 17th September to 21st September, 2022
Step 5 Enrolment and payment of the tuition fee 23rd September to 28th September, 2022

Note - You do not need to take the placement test:

1 - If you have already attended and concluded a Portuguese Foreign Language Course at FLUP
You can apply for the immediately following level.

2 - If you took the CAPLE exam.
You must attach the certificate/diploma on the application form.

3 - If you have no knowledge of the Portuguese language, you must apply directly for the beginner level:
*The target-group for this level are those students who are initiating the study of the language whose native language is Spanish, Italian or Romanian.

How can i enroll?

First, you must login to the information system.

1) Candidates who already attend a course at the University of Porto must use the credentials they already have.

- If you don't remember your credentials, you may request for password recover (select Student)
- If you still can not get the old credentials, you must request them from the IT Services sending an email to si@letras.up.pt, indicating the following personal information: Full name | Number of personal identification (eg .: ID / Passport Card ) | Email.

2) If it is your first time applying for a course or enroll to an exam at FLUP, you will have to request a temporary user name, by filling out the user name request form. Please read the instructions manual.

After you enroll, you should pay the fee.

Fee payment

  • Fee: 30¤
To do that, you should access to your personal area > Right menu option "current account"
Options of payment:
  • Direct payment at FLUP’s Treasury Office on 1st floor (from 10:00am to 4:00pm, including lunch time)
  • ATM (if you have a Portuguese debit bank card)
  • Credit Card (see here the manual)

The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Test access

Personal area > Right menu option "Moodle U.Porto"

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