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External Relations

External Relations





Here you can register or access your company’s information and, when necessary, make changes, search curricula vitae of candidates or post information on internships or employment.

Imagem UNAPS

Provision of Services (FLUP Consulting)

The purpose of the Service Delivery Support Unit (UNAPS) is to support and improve interaction, cooperation and provide services to the community (companies, public entities and other institutions).

Communication and Information | Geography | History, Political and International Studies | Languages | Heritage | Sociology

Imagem de voluntariado


The main objective of FLUP´s Volunteer Programme is to implement projects and activities of social, community and cultural interest. It aims to increase civic responsibility as well as develop personal and professional skills among students, professors, and non-teaching staff.


Integração Profissional


As a higher education institution, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto is concerned with developing students’ competence and skill in various areas of knowledge, in addition to helping them acquire transversal and multidisciplinary knowledge which prepares future professionals to overcome the challenges of professional life.

Bolsa de Emprego

Employment Bank

Here you can access your personal record, update your personal information, access and change your Curriculum Vitae, search and reply to advertisements placed by companies, view announcements of employability events and register in the events when required.

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