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Council of Representatives

Acronym: CR2010
Person in Charge: Mário Fernandes

The Council of Representatives has 15 members, distributed in the following way:

  • Nine representatives of FLUP’s teachers and researchers;
  • Four representatives of the students from all FLUP’s courses;
  • One representative of FLUP’s non-teaching staff;
  • One external personality co-opted by the elected officials of the Council of Representatives.

The members of the Council of Representatives have four-year mandates, with the exception of the students, with two-year mandates.


a) To organize the election process for the position of Faculty Director, in accordance with the law, FLUP's statutes and the applicable regulations;
b) To formally communicate to the Rector the result of the election referred to in the previous paragraph and the respective government programme;
c) To approve regulations;
d) To approve changes to FLUP’s statutes;
e) To approve electoral regulations;
f) To review the actions of the Director and the Executive Council;
g) To propose initiatives deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the institution;
h) To comment on the issues provided for in paragraphs h) and i) of paragraph 2 of article 28 of the UP Statutes;
i) To decide on the creation, merging, transformation and termination of R&D units, after hearing the opinion of the Scientific Council;
j) To award the Faculty’s gold medal, upon proposal from its Scientific Council.

(For further information see FLUP’s statutes)


President: Mário Gonçalves Fernandes, PhD

Isabel Margarida Ribeiro de Oliveira Duarte, PhD

Maria João Couto, PhD

Representatives of Teachers and Researchers:

Students Representatives:

Graduate João Emanuel Cabral Leite

External personality co-opted:

Dr. Luís Manuel Dias Borges Cabral

E-mail: cr@letras.up.pt
Phone: +351 226 077 100
Address: Via Panorâmica s/n
Postal Code: 4150-564
Location: Porto
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