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Application procedure under the student statute of emergency situation due to humanitarian reasons - Ukraine


As a response to the humanitarian situation caused the undergoing military conflict in Ukraine, the Portuguese government decided to grant temporary protection to people displaced from that country, by allowing them to apply for the emergency student status for humanitarian reasons.

One interested in enrolling in a study programme at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, should send to this FORM. The application will only be considered valid for analysis after the presentation of the certificate of issue of residence permit under the temporary protection regime, issued by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

More information on how to require special temporary protection is available at SEF’s webpage.

The academic offer of this Faculty can be consulted here. Applicants should be aware that classes are taught in Portuguese.

Unless there is a contrary legal provision, the attribution of the emergency student status for humanitarian reasons is valid until the study programme’s completion, waiving the need for annual renewal of the status. If a student decides to interrupt their academic path and afterwards returns to the study programme they were attending at U. Porto, the student can only maintain the referred status in case the granting of temporary protection is still valid.

In case the candidate presents the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees, the Faculty may use this instrument to verify the fulfilment of the entrance and admission requirements of the study programme.

Students to whom the emergency student status for humanitarian reasons is granted are subject to the regime for tuition and administrative fees that applies to national students, except for the application fee, which will not be charged. These students may also benefit from all available support mechanisms in the scope of social services and therefore can apply for both scholarship and accommodation (enrolment of minimum of 30 ECTS required).

For more information about the support mechanisms in the scope of social services:

Other useful information

To obtain more information regarding on how to travel to Portugal, you can contact the Consular Emergency Office by phone [(+351) 217 929 714 or (+351) 961 706 472] or by email ( or Alternatively, it is also possible to contact the Portuguese embassies in Ukraine’s bordering countries:

Portuguese Embassy in Warsaw (Poland): Telephone: (+48 22) 511 10 10/11/12; Emergency telephone: (+48) 781 159 430; E-mail:

Portuguese Embassy in Bucharest (Romania): Telephone: (+40) 212 304 118; Emergency telephone: (+40) 746 22 44 55; E-mail:;

Portuguese Embassy in Bratislava (Slovakia): Telephone: (+421) 220 768 454; E-mail:

Portuguese Embassy in Budapest (Hungary): General telephone: (+36) 12 017 616/7/8; Emergency telephone: (+36) 306 019 706; E-mail:;

In order to facilitate the students’ integration in Portugal, we suggest the consultation of the Welcome Kit for refugees in Portugal.

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