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Orientation and Integration Office

Acronym: GOI Orientation and Integration Office - Abre numa nova janela
Head: Augusto de Sousa
Orientation and Integration Office aims to accompany all students during their academic path, favouring and  supporting their integration and well-being throught:

Integration and Sucess in College
Psychological Support
Special Educational Needs
Continuing Training Units:

Soft Skills: Assertiveness and Public Presentation Techniques
Soft Skills: Employability
Soft Skills: Time Management and Personal Goals Setting
Soft Skills: Leadership and Team Management

According to the new prevention and containment measures for COVID-19, face-to-face service attendance is suspended.
The service attendance remains in the following contacts:
goi@fe.up.pt e psigoi@fe.up.pt
220 413 578 (9:30 -12:30 and14:30- 17:30, working days)


Schedule: Attendance –  By appointment
Psychological Consultation –   By appointment

E-mail: goi@fe.up.pt
Telephone: 22 041 35 78/ 22 508 16 25 ou 21 79
Fax: 2250814 40
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