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FEUP’s Mission

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto undertakes activities in the realms of education, research, and innovation at international level. Accordingly, the results of these activities lead to the creation and transmission of knowledge, training of competent and ethical professionals, and future leaders in the area of engineering and similar areas, and also the promotion of wellbeing of our global society.

On the right menu you can learn more about FEUP and travel a bit through its history, organization and strategic plan.

Message from the Executive Council

FEUP is a globally renowned institution in a variety of areas of Engineering, for students, technicians, researchers and managers, and for innumerable national and international organizations. This is due to the persistent work of its Community and its various partners over many years, overcoming obstacles of various sorts, and always seizing the opportunity to develop.

Its presence on the internet seeks to reflect the many realities existing at the heart of FEUP, and to provide essential information to maintain the internal and external links and to deepen relationships, increasing the efficiency and efficacy of our procedure in Education, Research and Innovation. This work is unending and we are aware that our work and the service offered here must continually improve.

We depend on everyone at FEUP, at the University of Porto, and on our partners to offer better service, to generate new knowledge and to have an economic and social impact.

Rui Artur Bártolo Calçada
Renato Manuel Natal Jorge
Jaime dos Santos Cardoso
Ana Paula Cunha da Rocha
Ana Sofia Moreira dos Santos Guimarães Teixeira

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