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The manager and financing entity of the National Program for Scientific Hardware Renewal (PNRC) is FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

It's available for consulting the list of equipments that were financed by this program, as well as their characteristics and use conditions.


  • FEUP Technology Portfolio
    It is a website that disseminates FEUP's R&D results in order to facilitate the Tech Transfer to the Industry. This instrument does not intend to be an exhaustive presentation of all RTD done by our researchers. Our main goal is to disseminate those technologies that, in our perspective, present more commercial / industrial added value and that can be more appealing to the market.
  • FEUP Technology Portfolio
    Is the first approach to a wide dissemination of our technologies. We are currently working on a new website that will be an upgraded marketplace totally focused on our top technologies.
  • Intelectual Property
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