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International Agreements and Partnerships / Double Degrees

Master in Finance with Kozminski University (two semesters at Warsaw)

kozminski University-Warsaw

FEP and Kozminski University (Poland) signed a dual degree agreement of their Master in Finance programmes. The students enrolled in the Master in Finance at FEP may apply for the dual degree programme and get two master degrees, one from FEP and one from Kozminski. The University of Kozminski is a Triple Crown University (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accredited). By the end of 2016, only 77 Schools in Economics and Management and Business Schools hold the three international accreditations. University of Kozminski is among the top 45 universities in the Financial Times European Business Schools ranking. Further, Kozminski holds the 18th place in the Financial Times ranking "50 best Master Programs in Finance in the world”.


Master in Finance with Prague University of Economics and Business (two semesters in Prague)

FEP and Prague University of Economics and Business have signed, in 2022, a double degree agreement for students of their masters in Finance. The selected students will complete the 2nd year of the Master in Prague and will obtain, at the end of the programme, two master degrees (one from FEP and one from Prague University of Economics and Business). The Prague University of Economics and Business has the EQUIS and AMBA accreditations and is in the 55th position in the Financial Times ranking, Best European Business Schools, of 2021.


Master in Management with Warsaw School of Economics (two semesters in Warsaw)

FEP and Warsaw School of Economics negotiated a Mutual Recognition Training Agreement for students of their Master of Management programmes. Warsaw School of Economics ranks first in QS 2020 - Business and Management studies and was in 2019 in the Financial Times rankings of the best Business Schools and Masters in Management in the world. Students can, by selection, complete the first year of the Master in Warsaw and the second year of the Master in Porto and have their training recognised by both schools if they successfully complete the defined study plan and pass the public Master's dissertation exams. In October 2021 FEP will have the first Master's students undertaking their first year in Warsaw.


Master in Management with Kedge Business School (two semesters in Marseille / Bordeaux)


MIM students, who are selected for a double-degree, may have two degrees when they complete their masters: i.e. one from FEP – Porto University and another from Kedge Business School , a Triple Crown school, which is a classification of excellence that is only held by around 60 schools worldwide and certifies that the school has the three major international accreditations for schools of Economics and Management (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB).

Since the first edition of the double-degree in 2012-2013, a total of 53 students from FEP have been selected to do the double-degree. From France, every academic year Kedge selects up to 8 students to come to the Master in Management at FEP. The success of this partnership is proven by these numbers, which demonstrate the international and multicultural nature of MIM.

The call to 1st year MIM students to apply for the double-degree happens every academic year, after the admission to the Master in Management.



“The Double Degree with Kedge is the ideal match, allowing for an immersive learning year, self-reflection and contact with different cultures. The opportunity to study in two schools such as FEP and Kedge, which is recognized by the Financial Times, allowed me to obtain theorethical bases in the first semester at FEP that later contributed to nurture specialized "in class" knowledge in elective courses at Kedge, such as Consumer Behavior, Strategic Sustainability or Wine Marketing. In addition, the adaptation to another city and another school made me step out of my comfort zone, with the possibility to witness different realities and experiences that made me more adaptable and prepared. Having done the Double Degree contributed to a better performance in my professional and personal life.”

Miguel Martim Leal (Management Decision Support, Porto Business School)

“The Master in Management from FEP has given me an excelent opportunity to deepen knowledge in the main areas of management in one of the best schools of the country. Furthermore, this programme allowed me to join the recognition of FEP and Kedge Business School, an internationally accredited School, through the completion of the Double Degree. Besides having the possibility to specialize in my areas of interest, I was able to do so outside of my comfort zone, in an international, challenging and dynamic context. Completing the Double Degree was undoubtely an excelent decision, given the exponential professional and personal growth it has given me.”

Maria Madalena Leitão (Incentives Consultant, KPMG)

Master in Management with Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade da Universidade de São Paulo (two semesters in São Paulo)


FEP has established a "dual degree” agreement with FEA-USP (University of São Paulo), in regard to their Master in Management programmes. The students enrolled in the MiM at FEP may apply for the dual degree programme and get two master degrees, one from FEP and one from FEA. FEP students are required to attend two semesters in São Paulo. The University of São Paulo is considered by the QS 2021 ranking as the best institution in Brazil and the second best institution in Latin America. The renovation of the agreement is under negotiation.

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