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FC6 - Departamento de Ciência de Computadores FC5 - Edifício Central FC4 - Departamento de Biologia FC3 - Departamento de Física e Astronomia e Departamento GAOT FC2 - Departamento de Química e Bioquímica FC1 - Departamento de Matemática

History of FCUP

History of FCUP

The University of Porto, nowadays with its 14 Faculties, was only created in 1911, and then with just two faculties: Science and Medicine. In the case of the Faculty of Sciences is possible to follow a path along 250 years, starting with Aula Náutica (1762), Aula de Debuxo e Desenho (1779), Academia Real de Marinha e Comércio (1803) and, before the establishment of University of Porto, the Academia Politécnica (1837).

This whole sequence happened at the local where is now the Central Building of the University of Porto. The gradual shift of the Faculty of Sciences for Polo 3 of the University (Campo Alegre) occurred in the period 1996-2009. In the building, now occupied by the Rectory and Central Services, only remained the Fundo Antigo (Old Heritage), the Museu de História Natural (Natural History Museum ) and the Museu de Ciência (Science Museum).

If you want to know about Faculty of Sciences and its Departments, or about its history and legacy, we hope you will find here some useful and interesting information.
José Moreira de Araújo
Professor Emérito da UP
Aula de
Aula de Debuxo
e Desenho
Academia Real de
Marinha e Comércio
Central UP
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