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Technical infrastructure

There are three SUN Microsystems clusters available, totalling 96 processors (48 nodes). These clusters are set up in the Campo Alegre campus (U.PORTO and FCUP data centres) and in Asprela (FEUP):

  • the cluster in the U.PORTO data centre is managed by Digital University.
  • the second cluster, set up in Campo Alegre, is located in the FCUP premises, and is managed by the FCUP.
  • the third cluster is in the Asprela campus, in the FEUP premises, and is managed by the FEUP.

Imagem representativa do Campus Grid U.PORTO / Image representing the U.PORTO Grid Campus

Web Page - FCUP SUN Cluster Web Page - FEUP SUN Cluster Web Page - Rectorate SUN Cluster

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