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Arnaldo Videira

Fotografia de Arnaldo António de Moura Silvestre Videira
Name: Arnaldo António de Moura Silvestre Videira Ligação à página pessoal de Arnaldo António de Moura Silvestre Videira
Sigla: AAMSV
Estado: Active
Extensão Telefónica: 5141
Telf.Alt.: 220428141


Categoria: Professor Catedrático
Carreira: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Department: Molecular Biology

Apresentação Pessoal

Arnaldo Videira integrated ICBAS in 1983 as "assistente-estagiário" and is Professor of molecular genetics since 2001. He graduated in Biology in the Sciences Faculty of the University of Porto in 1982. His PhD was obtained in 1990, following experimental work performed at the University of Munich. He obtained "Agregação" in 1997. He spent shorter or longer periods of time in other institutions: Institut Pasteur, Universities of California-Stanford, Alberta-Edmonton, Freiburg, California-Berkeley and CCMB in India.
During the academic activity, he directed research groups and projects, oriented PhD students and other researchers, organized conferences and post-graduated courses and participated in multiple juries and contests. He also evaluated projects, people and >90 scientific articles submitted for publication in diverse journals, such as BBA-Bioenergetics, Biochemical Journal, Fungal Genetics and Biology, Molecular Microbiology, Nature Communications, PNAS, Journal of Molecular Biology, Genetics, Human Molecular Genetics, etc.
His research interests are in the Molecular Biology area, namely in the characterization of genes and proteins involved in different cellular processes. The filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa has been used as the main research model organism. He investigated enzymatic complexes of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, its involvement in the organellar biogenesis and function and in cellular bioenergetics and its association with mitochondrial disease. More recently, he investigated components and processes involved in programmed cell death.
He published >80 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals, while presenting results in many scientific Congresses, wrote >10 book chapters and edited a book on genetic engineering. He was invited to present >30 conferences, mostly in international Congresses or Universities.

Áreas de Interesse

  1. Natural sciences > Biological sciences > Biology > Bioenergetics
  2. Natural sciences > Biological sciences > Biological engineering > Genetic engineering
  3. Natural sciences > Biological sciences > Biology > Molecular biology
  4. Natural sciences > Biological sciences > Biology > Genetics
  5. Natural sciences > Biological sciences > Biology > Functional biology
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