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International Relations and Mobility Office


Increasing the number of international students is top priority for the University of Porto, and ICBAS wants to be part of this strategy.

The work that we have done over recent years to improve staff and student mobility shows our efforts to attract new students and to promote the exchange of teachers and staff. Fostering a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to learning and research is a priority, and a key way to value and improve our talent.

In a global world, ICBAS is striving to be a global school. It is therefore committed to its internationalization strategy, which aims to increase the number of international graduates. We seek to establish and strengthen partnerships with international universities through the creation of joint/combined degrees, short courses, postgraduate courses, joint supervision of master’s and doctoral theses and collaborative research projects.

With a focus on internationalization, we are committed to diversifying and strengthening these relationships through International Cooperation networks within the University of Porto, such as the European EUGLOH alliance.

We strive to promote the integration of international students in academic life and in the city, through cultural activities and informal meetings that enable the exchange of experiences that foster mutual knowledge whilst respecting cultural differences. We are ICBAS – One School, One Health.


ICBAS Mobility Office is the structure responsible for the implementation and following of the mobility programs promoted by the University of Porto, for students and teaching and non-teaching staff.

The aim of these programs is to increase cooperation between institutions as well as the skills of the participants by offering them the opportunity to study, research, train and gain experience in different fields of work, both nationally and internationally.

ICBAS Mobility Office constantly seeks to strengthen, monitor and guarantee the quality of existing partnerships (more than 60 agreements in Europe) and cooperates directly with the International Relations Office of the Rectory of the University of Porto (SRI).

ICBAS Mobility Office already counts more than 1000 students sent to 25 different countries and more than 600 students received from 42 foreign nationalities.

Exchange Programmes

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