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Dear students welcome to the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar! Our Institute is located in the center of Porto and belongs to the wide range of institutions of the prestigious University of Porto.

Each year we receive and welcome students from different countries , under different mobility programs, including :


This new program aims to enhance the skills and employability, and modernize the education, training and work systems for young people. Erasmus + provide opportunities for study, internships , gain experience in different work areas and perform volunteer work, to promote cooperation and the sharing of methodologies for education and work, which in the future may address the limitations we face in Europe .

Erasmus + results from the integration of several programs , among them the “Lifelong Learning Programme” (which included Erasmus Studies and Erasmus Placement) and “Erasmus Mundus”.

In the framework of Erasmus + Studies, a prior agreement is required between ICBAS and the home university, as well as an official nomination of the candidates. That is, before the candidature periods, the partner universities must send directly to the ICBAS a list of nominees and their mobility periods.

For additional information, please consult the ERASMUS + Webpage.

Cooperation Agreements

Students from a Lusophone or Latin-American country have the opportunity to undertake a period of study / internship in ICBAS.

For additional information, please consult the following websites:


We advise the students to apply to this program ultimately , this is , when none of the other suit the intended . The initial contact is always made ​​by the students and is only given continuity to the application process after the acceptance by ICBAS . Usually, this program has no financial contribution, so these students are not included in the distribution of grants, however, this question also depends on the home institution.

Almeida Garrett Programme

Students from other national institutions have the opportunity to undertake a period of study / internship in ICBAS.

For additional information , please consult the information about the Almeida Garrett Programme

Other informations

For other informations, please access other pages via the "Options" menu on the right side.

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