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Scientific Research

The research activity in the FMUP has situated itself at an excellent level. Professors and researchers of the FMUP develop more than one hundred research projects, many of which are at the international level and some in cooperation with other public and private institutions such as the industry. Scientific research is developed by the academic staff of the Faculty obtaining public financial support or/and support from private sources the main agency being the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. There are research groups in different domains of the basic and applied sciences as well in the clinical area, the projects developed in the facilities of the Faculty of Medicine or in Laboratories developed under the support of Community Programs for Research and Development, as is the case of the Science Program. Members from the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine lead research groups both in the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology (IBMC) and in the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto (IPATIMUP), this last directed by a Professor of the Faculty of Medicine.

There are several Plurianual Units for Research and Development coordinated by Professors of the FMUP:

As well, members from the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine collaborate with other public and private institutions, in the development of more specific projects of scientific research.

The pedagogic and research activities in the different fields lead to the development of Master's degree courses, post graduation and specialization courses, in specific areas as far as the bi-directional relationships of research and teaching are concerned.

Research and Development Units




  • Cardiovascular Research Centre
    Acronym: UnIC
    Scientific Coordinator: Professor Doutor Adelino Leite-Moreira
    Web page: http://unic.med.up.pt
    Phone nr: (+351) 22 0426824
    Evaluation: Very Good


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