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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) is a renowned Higher Education institution that stands out for the excellence of the teaching it promotes, the top position it occupies in research and the symbiotic relationship it nurtures with several public and private health institutions throughout the country.

The objective of this institution is to train doctors and other health professionals at a scientific, technological and humanistic level, as well as improve the health of the population. The Faculty has been attracting hundreds of students who, every year, come here to attend the Integrated Study Cycle of the Master's Degree in Medicine (MMED), and other post-graduate courses, namely Masters (2nd Cycle of Studies) and Doctoral Programmes (3rd Cycle of Studies).

At the same time, FMUP invests in the dynamization of specialization courses, advanced studies and continuing education, both on-site and online, providing quality training programmes that meet the growing needs of various target audiences, e.g., doctors and other health professionals, who are interested in updating, deepening or enhancing their knowledge.

FMUP also stands out for its proximity and strategic alignment with the University Hospital Center of São João, which reflects in the multidisciplinary and collaborative space both institutions share – the Porto Academic and Clinical Centre (CAC.Porto).

The quality of the teaching, the intense scientific activity and the differentiated care practice are key points in the focus and name of this institution, which is celebrating its bicentenary, combining the strength of its history with a singular spirit of innovation.

On the Way to Celebrating the Bicentenary

FMUP originated in the Royal Porto School of Surgery, established in 1825 by King João VI. Later, the school relocated into a building of its own next to the Santo António Hospital, where it continued functioning, and in 1883, was renamed “Porto Medical-Surgical School”.

In 1911, the University of Porto was established. The school was integrated into the University as Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto and continued using the facilities next to the Santo António Hospital.

On June 24, 1959, the entire school was transferred to the Asprela area. There, a new facility was built, known as the São João School Hospital, which nowadays is the University Hospital Centre of São João, shared by FMUP and the Hospital.

A Renowned, Pre-graduate and Post-graduate, In-person and Distance Medical Education

FMUP offers an Integrated Master's Degree in Medicine and several 2nd Cycle/Masters and 3rd Cycle/Doctoral Programs in a wide range of Health areas.

Additionally, it offers about thirty courses of Continuing Education, including specialization courses, advanced studies, lifelong learning and a wide range of individual training units.

FMUP has adapted its broad training offer to current demands, combining different teaching modalities and having a proven track record in distance learning.

Cutting-edge medical and scientific research

FMUP occupies a prominent place in the national scientific production. From 2015 to 2019, 152 projects were funded in competitive calls (28 with international institutions), with a total amount of ¤23 million of funding. FMUP also promoted 250 clinical trials and published more than 5,700 articles in journals indexed in the WoS, especially in the areas of Clinical Research.

FMUP also benefits from hosting two renowned R&D Units - CINTESIS and UnIC-, from the proximity and scientific collaboration with the I3S and from the recently created Associated Laboratory - RISE.

Within this framework, FMUP promotes a dynamic dialogue between Basic and Clinical Sciences and Data Sciences and Health, ensuring a leading position in translational and clinical research in Portugal.

Differentiated Assistance Practice

The collaboration of hospitals in the clinical training of the Integrated Master’s in Medicine is of the utmost importance to ensure the necessary conditions and quality in medical education. Thus, FMUP and the University Hospital Center of São João constitute the CAC.Porto - Clinical Academic Center of Porto. In addition, this Faculty maintains affiliation protocols with approximately 20 public and private health institutions, which welcome students for high-quality medical training.


More than three thousand students study in the various educational cycles of FMUP. The Faculty has a highly qualified teaching staff and a young and differentiated technical staff, comprising approximately 950 employees.


FMUP shares facilities with the largest central hospital in the North of Portugal - the University Hospital Center of São João. It also has its own complex of facilities covering an area of 23,000m2, called the FMUP Medical Research Centre (CIM-FMUP). The complex comprises three buildings and includes the main auditorium, two smaller auditoriums, a library with approximately 1,000m2, and more than 40 classrooms and laboratories.

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