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Sports Medicine

General information

Acronym: PGMD


  • Sports Medicine (36 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Training control and functional evaluation

MD13_1 - ECTS

In the Functional Assessment and training control has as main goal to conduct the learning of theoretic and practical methodology for the athletes’ evaluation in its physiological components, optimizing their abilities and performance.


MD15_06 - ECTS

The Bionergética course aims to provide students with knowledge to understand i) the exercise as a major disrupter vehicle of organic homeostasis, ii) the different metabolic changes in recruited skeletal muscle and in the homeostatic regulatory systems, resulting in different variants physical exercise and iii) the mechanisms underlying muscle skeletal phenotypic changes induced by physical training.


MD13_3 - ECTS

The Cardiology curricular unit aims to develop clinical abilities for the diagnostic and treatment of the most prevalent cardiac diseases in the sportive population. The main topics that will be addressed are: electrocardiography – main principles, criteria and mini-course; the normal ECG and the most frequent variants in young people and athletes – common (benign) and uncommon (abnormal) patterns; ECG interpretation; genetic testing in cardiology; imagiology; syncope; echography in sports medicine; genetics and cardiovascular diseases; importance of medical counseling; sudden death during sport activity; stress test and Holter; contraindications of sport practice.

Clinical Sports Medicine

MD13_4 - ECTS In the Medical Clinic curricular unit it will be developed the students’ clinical competences on disease and clinical situations with implications on sports activity diagnostic and treatment: arterial hypertension, pregnancy, dermatological diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and infectious diseases.

Apprenticeship and seminars

MD15_04 - ECTS Conduct apprenticeships in centers linked to sports medicine in way to familiarize the student with the learned concepts, during the curricular unit, in a practical real setting. The seminars will approach topic that have not been addressed during the post-graduate course but that complement them and can be open to different audiences.

Ethics and doping

MD13_5 - ECTS

In the Ethic and doping curricular unit it will be addressed the following topics: legislation about the anti-doping fight in Sports; list of forbidden substances and methods; educational and informative strategies used in the anti-doping fight in Sports; hazards of organic doping substances; use of doping substances outside sport competition; national anti-doping plan organization and informatics system for the selection of competition and athletes; new ways for the anti-doping fight; simulation of an anti-doping control session.

Sports Medical Examination

MD15_01 - ECTS In this curricular unit it will be presented and discussed the sports medicine fitness examination: legislation, athletes’ evaluation, ECG in sports, complementary means of diagnostic and sport.

Exercise Physiology

MD13_8 - ECTS

In the Physiology in Exercise curricular unit it will be addressed topics from different areas of the physiology in exercise and concrete situations from the professional practice in sports medicine. So, this unit intends to provide to the students theoretic and practical knowledge that will allow them to have a more informed professional intervention in sports medicine.

Preventive Medicine

MD13_10 - ECTS In the Preventive Medicine Curricular Unit it will discussed the state of the art preventive strategies as well as physical activity benefits, emphasizing the following areas: cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, orofacial and ocular lesions.

Sports Nutrition

MD15_02 - ECTS

In the curricular unit of Sports Nutrition knowledge around nutritional and metabolic areas, considered necessary for the educational formation in Sports Medicine, will be transmitted. The main topics that will be discussed are: interaction between nutrition, genes and exercise; energetic balance; amino acids and protein metabolism for exercise; fat, health and performance; athletes’ carbon hydrates needs; fluids and electrolytes; micronutrients and sports nutritional periodization; environmental physiological challenges (temperature, humidity, height, jet lag); special population (religion, vegetarianism, etc.); teenager and female athletes particularities; food supplements and ergogenic substances.

Sport Pneumology and Immunology

MD13_12 - ECTS

In the Pulmonology, allergy and immunology in Sports curricular unit it will be given knowledge on basic principles of respiratory physiology during physical exercise and, diagnostic and treatment of the main respiratory and allergic diseases linked with physical activity, clinical competences will be developed.

Exercise Prescription

MD13_13 - ECTS Exercise as a therapy. Patient evaluation. General principles of exercise prescription. Exercise and diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity…).

Lesions prevention

MD15_05 - ECTS

Provide to the student the ability to identify musculoskeletal unbalances and to be able to act and prevent lesions.

Sports Pshychology

MD15_03 - ECTS

The main aims of the Sports Psychology curricular unit are the following: to know areas and domains of Psychology application in the different sportive contexts, to know the main psychologic factors involved in the sports’ performance, to know psychologic effects of physical exercise in high competition and recreation sport situations and to know psychologic intervention strategies in sport lesions.

Themes and debates in Sports Medicine

MD13_15 - ECTS Multidisciplinary topics with interest in Sports Medicine

Sports Orthopaedics

MD13_16 - ECTS

This curricular unit will provide information concerning the most frequent lesions semiology, pathology, treatment and rehabilitation in sports traumatology.

Sport Emergency

MD13_17 - ECTS

In this unit it will taught the Immediate Life Support that will allow knowledge acquisition and practical performance required for the cardiac arrest or severe diseased patient at cardiac arrest management until the arrival of the Advanced Life Support Team.

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