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IFELT V - 5th InternationalForum on EnglishLanguageTeaching

17 e 18 de outubro | Anfiteatro Nobre

Estão abertas as inscrições, até ao dia 10 de outubro, para assistir a IFELT V - "5th InternationalForum on EnglishLanguageTeaching". The International Forum on English Language Teaching (IFELT) is a biennial event which plays host to a selection of specially invited international as well as local speakers over two or three days in the Autumn term. The basic format is a series of lectures and workshops centred on a theme. For the second edition in 2005, the theme was "Culture, Content and Communication" while in 2003 the inaugural forum was held under the theme of "Making Methodology Meaningful". In late October 2007 the third edition took place with a reduced one day format with the theme of "Language for Living, Learning for Life." In 2009, the event was held over two days with the theme of "Participation and Production in the ELT classroom". The event is supported by The Department of Anglo-American Studies (FLUP) as well as by the Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia, the Universidade do Porto, The Associação Luso-Britânico do Porto and the Associação de Professores Portugueses de Inglês (APPI). The 2011 edition (October 17th and 18th) will focus on "Integration, inclusion & innovation: conceptualizing 21st century ELT". Programa Final Ficha de Inscrição
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