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Assunção Araújo

Fotografia de Maria da Assunção Ferreira Pedrosa de Araújo
Name: Maria da Assunção Ferreira Pedrosa de Araújo Ligação à página pessoal de Maria da Assunção Ferreira Pedrosa de Araújo
Sigla: MAFPA
Estado: Active
Email Institucional: asaraujo@letras.up.pt
Extensão Telefónica: 4132
Telf.Alt.: 226077194
Salas: B301


Vínculo: Outras Colabs. -> Docente aposentado
Faculdade: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

Apresentação Pessoal

Assunção Araújo has been a Full Professor at FLUP since September 2007.

She began his teaching career at FLUP in July 1976. She has taught several UCs, usually in the area of Physical Geography.
In 1991 he defended a doctoral dissertation entitled "Geomorphological evolution of the littoral platform of the Porto region".
His scientific interests include geomorphology and the study of the Quaternary, having a special predilection for the study of marine terraces and their possible affectation by the recent tectonics (neotectonics). He has been working on geomorphological heritage and recent sea level variations.

In Google scholar you can consult and download all my publications.


Viagens em Portugal (travelling in Portugal) About 3100 places to visit


Basic Science of a Changing Climate (International Conference)

Áreas de Interesse

  1. Natural sciences > Environmental science > Earth science > Physical geography


Categoria: Não definida
Research and Development Centre: Centro de Estudos de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território - Porto
Faculdade: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
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