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Department of History, Political and International Studies

Acronym: DHEPI
Person in Charge: Inês Amorim
Mission: The Department of History, Political and International Studies (DHEPI), accomplishing the statutory rules of the Faculty of Arts of University of Porto, corresponds to a broad area of knowledge, with aims, methodologies and specific research techniques. According to Statutes’ art. 37th, the following goals will be granted:
  • teaching in under-graduate courses, in post-graduate courses and in short-length courses;
  • applied and fundamental research;
  • contract for the provision of services outside the Faculty, so as to contribute to the general sociocultural development;
  • performing activities of university extension.
As part of its mission, the DHEPI ensures the activities of the Undergraduate course in History, as well as the course units of this field of study included in other Undergraduate courses (Archaeology, History of Art, Information Science, European Studies and Geography).

It also covers a variety of Postgraduate courses.

In light of the reform model set out in the Bologna Statement, all courses are in the process of adaptation: the new formats will take effect in 2007-2008, assuring that students of the Undergraduate course still in force experience a smooth transition to the curriculum of the year following its implementation.

Research activities by lecturers of the DHEPI are carried out in specific research units, mainly in CITCEM - Centre of Transdisciplinary Research «Culture, Space and Memory» of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, as well in other I&D units outside of FLUP. The expression of such activity is visible in works by authors, collaboration in journals and collective works.

The DHEPI ensures the publication of the Journal História – Revista da Faculdade de Letras (History: Jornal of the Faculty of Arts) founded since 1970. It has been published on an annual basis since 1984. In 2011, the journal has starded its fourth serie, with a new format and editorial programme. 

Since 2017 the journal has started every six months and exclusively online publication.

As a peer reviewed international journal, it aims to publish and disseminate innovative research, multidisciplinarity and comparative analysis, with contributions from other social sciences.  

 The DHEPI develops activities for several different institutions and promotes protocols with other analogous universities.

The logistics centre of the DHEPI is in Torre B inside the building of the Faculty of Arts, located in Via Panorâmica (Porto), where the Department services are based (library), as well as offices for teachers.

Organized in May 2000, the DHEPI corresponds to the current configuration of the former History Course (formerly Group 4), created with the resurgence of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (Decree-Law 45.864, of 17/08/1961, Minister Manuel Lopes de Almeida), emerging as one of two courses then set up (together with Philosophy).


Running continuously since 1962/63 until very recently, Group 4 of FLUP has already passed five decades of existence, nowadays as the Department of History.
Schedule: Secretariado dos Departamentos
Horário: 9h30-17h30
Email: secdep@letras.up.pt 
Telefone: 220 427 658 (ext. 3216)
Localização: Piso 2 | Sala 216
E-mail: dhepi@letras.up.pt
Address: Via Panorâmica s/n (TORRE B)
Postal Code: 4150-564
Location: Porto
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