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Jaime Cardoso

Fotografia de Jaime dos Santos Cardoso
Nome: Jaime dos Santos Cardoso Ligação à página pessoal de Jaime dos Santos Cardoso
Sigla: JSC
Estado: Ativo
Voip: 3859
Extensão Telefónica: 220413399
Salas: S13.28 , I335 , A110


Categoria: Professor Catedrático
Carreira: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Grupo profissional: Docente
Departamento: Departamento de Engenharia Eletrotécnica e de Computadores


Cargo Data de Início
Vogal do Conselho Executivo 2022-10-28
Vice-Presidente do Conselho Científico 2022-10-28
Membro do Conselho de Departamento Departamento de Engenharia Eletrotécnica e de Computadores 2022-12-19

Apresentação Pessoal

Jaime S. Cardoso is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and a Researcher at INESC TEC. Cardoso has held multiple positions in scientific and academic management: Coordinator of the Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM) at INESC TEC (2018-21), Director of Doctoral Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, FEUP (2021-22); Director of the Master in Computer Vision (2020-22), Member of the Executive Board of FEUP (since 2022), among others. From 2012 to 2015, Cardoso served as President of the Portuguese Association for Pattern Recognition, affiliated with the IAPR. Cardoso is also a Senior Member of IEEE since 2011. Cardoso served regularly as a project evaluator for the European Commission.


Cardoso pursues a never-ending, universal, visual information learning system, to empower the next generation of intelligent communication systems and services with the capability of reasoning from visual data. His scientific research can be summed up in three major topics: Computer Vision, Machine learning and Decision Support Systems. Under these topics, Cardoso favours more specific domains. Computer Vision focuses on video object tracking for applications such as surveillance and autonomous driving, medical images, and biometric applications. The work on machine learning cares mostly with the adaptation of learning to the challenging conditions presented by visual data. The work in decision support systems is always anchored on the automatic analysis of visual data. Cardoso has been the recipient of numerous awards, and has been regularly included in the list of World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University.


Different fields share many things in common and Cardoso’s research tries to bridge the gap between those fields by looking for common threads. This feature contributes to the results of his research activity being published in worldwide leading journals and demonstrates a general interest in his work.



Categoria: Membro Integrado
Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento: INESC TEC - INESC Tecnologia e Ciência
Instituto de Interface: Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência
Categoria: Colaborador
Unidades de Investigação e Desenvolvimento: Centro de Matemática da Universidade do Porto
Universidade do Porto: Universidade do Porto
Faculdade: Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto
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