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Orientation Days

It is very useful to get some extra guidance during the first few days at a new educational institution. The reception for International Students extends over nine days at an event called Orientation Days which is aimed at degree and mobility students at every level of study.

The Orientation Days include a welcome session in Portuguese and English, several presentations that deal with matters concerning students’ integration in the university and the city, visits to the FEUP campus and a cultural programme giving student newcomers the opportunity to learn more about the city of Porto.

The purpose of this event is for participants to have the opportunity to learn about the Faculty of Engineering and the city Porto, but also to meet other international students.

The Orientation Days are held twice year; in September for students beginning their study period in the 1st semester and in February for 2nd semester mobility students or graduate students whose 2nd or 3rd phase application has been accepted. All students should attend these events, and make sure they arrive in Porto before they begin.

As one picture is better than 1000 words, here is a video with a "little taste" of what happened this year:

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