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Centre of Competence in Future Cities

Acronym: CECF
Head: João Paulo Cunha
Mission: The Centre of Competence in Future Cities is focused on bringing together, developing and applying  knowledge, skills and competences of multidisciplinary nature in order to promote economic development and social inclusion in urban environments. It is also our concern to guarantee high standards of safety and quality of life, taking advantage of the expertise of University of Porto in areas such as communication technologies, services, models and instruments of intervention to the urban and metropolitan scales, simulation, construction, operation and management of environmentally sustainable cities.
Description: The Centre of Competence in Future Cities is a platform for collaboration and promotion of new projects and activities that can influence the strategy and structure of urban change. By means of new methodologies, technologies, and processes these projects are expected to have a high-impact both locally and globally towards the future of our cities.

CECF aims to streamline the cooperation with other local players, such as the municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Porto and North and Centre regions, public services, companies and other institutions. The main objective is to carry out research projects, development and innovation with scientific depth and real-world impact. It contributes strongly towards internationalization by fostering cooperation with some of the best research centres in the world, including Carnegie Mellon University, Berkeley University, UT Austin, Cambridge, Delft, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Imperial College, and MIT.

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