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General Information

The Faculty of Engineering has different types of certificates, in Portuguese or in English, at the disposal of its students/former students (Alumni), and they can only request the certificates applicable to the cycle of studies/course they attend or attended.

Multi-purpose Declaration

After registering for the academic year, the student can access the digitally-signed multi-purpose declaration available under "Declaração multiusos" (Multi-purpose Declaration) on the student’s personal page.

Declaration sub23 (under 23) for transport pass card

A student who is registered in the academic year can digitally and remotely renew their profile for Andante Sub23. To do so, acess https://estudante.tip.pt.

If a student needs to present the declaration in transport companies that are not part of TIP (Porto Intermodal Transports) and if they do not have an Andante card, they may request the “Declaração Passe sub23@superior.tp" (procedure) by accessing their student's page and selecting “Passe sub23@superior.tp" in the options under Certificates.

If the student selects the digital format, after being signed, the document will be available on the page regarding certificates requested and the student can download the file (open with Acrobat).

Procedure to Request Certificates

Certificate requests are made on each student’s personal page, for the intended cycle of studies/course, under "Certificados" (Certificates) on the right hand side of the page. When requesting a certificate, you must select a delivery option:

- Collect in person at the Services;
- Ordinary mail;
- Registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt;
- Simple registered mail.

Obs.: Obs.: If your credentials (username and password) are disabled, you must send an email to helpdesk@fe.up.pt requesting new credentials.

The request of a digital certificate is available in the information system (SIGARRA) for post-Bologna degree certificates of Licenciado (Bachelor), Mestre (Master) and Doutor (Doctor), in Portuguese and in English, along with the corresponding diploma supplement.
When a student selects the Digital format, the certificate will be exclusively available online in the SIGARRA webpage of the certificate request after it is electronically signed.
Please note that the certificates issued via this method only ensure their legal validity if kept or presented in this format since their printing (and eventual later scanning) does not allow the verification of the authenticity of their content and digital signature.
You can find more detailed information on the prior conditions, request, signature and availability in the user manual available at the IT Services website (up.pt/it).

If your academic data is not available in digital support, any certificate requests must be made by email to the following address: certificacao@fe.up.pt.
Since the Rectorate of U.Porto is responsible for issuing doctoral degree certificates, and also first degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree diplomas, these documents must be collected at the FOA Services (Academic Affairs) of U.Porto. Non-degree course diplomas are issued by FEUP and must be collected at the Academic Services.

Deadlines for Issuance of Certificates

The deadlines for issuance of certificates are the following:
  • 30 days (normal time) for degree certificates and non-degree completion certificates
  • 10 days (normal time) for the remaining certificates
  • 5 days (urgency rate – fee increased by 50%)
  • 2 days (urgency rate - fee increased by 100%)
It is not possible to issue urgent degree certificates in digital format.

The deadline for issuance of certificates is counted in working days, starting on the first working day following the day of payment.


Certificate requests are subject to the fees established in the UP Table of Fees.

In the case of certificates for which the fee depends on the number of pages, an initial value must be paid and the remaining amount will be indicated at a later time (after regularisation of the initial value) in the student’s current account.

Certificates will only be issued after full payment of the corresponding fees.

In accordance with the UP Table of Fees, no fees are charged (exemption) for certificates of enrolment and registration, of curricular units completed, of school achievement and of degree completion (in Portuguese) issued solely for the purposes of applying for study grants from the Social Action Services (SASUP), income tax declarations, ADSE (Public Administration's health subsystem), family allowance, medical and pharmaceutical assistance, pensions, public transport pass, and for granting residence to foreign students. Also, no fees are charged (exemption) for certificate requests expressly exempt in the legislation in force, namely for military purposes

Note: Exempt certificates cannot be requested with urgency.

Payment of fees regarding certificates requested online can be made by using the corresponding ATM references available in the student’s current account, on the tab "Despesas não saldadas" (Outstanding expenses). Click on the icon Associar referência MB para pagamento to generate the ATM references.

If certificates cannot be requested online, it is not possible to use ATM references to pay for the corresponding fees. In such cases, students will receive an email with information for payment.


Viewing the Status of Certificate Requests

Students can follow up on the status of their certificate requests on their personal page, under "Certificados" (Certificates).

If you have to pick-up a certificate and you want it to be sent by post mail, please send an e-mail to certificacao@fe.up.pt, from the official e-mail address included in your student’s personal page.



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