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Department of Informatics Engineering

Acronym: DEI Department of Informatics Engineering  - Abre numa nova janela
Head: João Cardoso

The Informatics Engineering Department at FEUP has the following mission:

  • To provide international level education in the area of Informatics Engineering, namely on its scientific, technical, ethical and cultural dimensions;
  • To produce research and development of excellence for the progress of Computer Science and to support education activities in Informatics Engineering.

The Informatics Engineering Department - DEI,  started its activities on the 1st of January 2008 with a teaching body of 38 staff members involved in scientific and technical subjects included in the "Bodies of Knowledge" in the curricula of ACM and IEEE (CC2001).
Nowadays the department is formed by a body of five administrative and 55 teaching staff members, 35 of whom PhD holders who develop their activities on the following subareas:

  • Computing Systems Architectures 
  • Computer Graphics and Interative Digital Media
  • Information Systems
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Sciences and Technology Programming
  • Software Engineering

Members of DEI are lecturing in the following courses:

  • Post-graduation (Doctoral):
       ProDEI- Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering
       PDMD – Doctoral Program in Digital Media
       MAP-i – Doctoral Program in Computer Science
       PDEEC - Doctoral Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering
       PRODEGI - Doctoral Program in Engineering and Industrial Management
       PDEPP - Doctoral Program in Engineering and Public Policy
  • Graduation (Masters):
      M.EIC – Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
      MM – Master in Multimedia
      MCI – Master in Information Science
      MESW – Master in Software Engineering
      MECD - Master in Data Science and Engineering
      MESG - Master in Services Engineering and Management
      MEB - Master in Biomedical Engineering
  • Under graduation (Bachelor):
       L.EIC - Bachelor in Informatics and Computing Engineering
       LCI - Bachelor of Arts in Information Science 
       LCC - Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences: Jornalism, Public Relations, Multimedia 

Members of DEI develop their R&D activities in the following DEI laboratories:

           Responsible person: Rosaldo Rossetti

           Responsible person: Rui Maranhão

           Responsible person: Carla Teixeira Lopes

           Responsible person:Carlos Soares ; António Coelho

            Responsible person: Rui Rodrigues

           Responsible person: Gilberto Bernardes

           Responsible person: João Cardoso

  • Pervasive Computing R&D Laboratory

            Responsible person: António Miguel Pimenta Monteiro

  • Digital Media R&D Laboratory

            Responsible person: António Coelho

  • SonaeIM LAB@FEUP R&D Laboratory

            Responsible person: Ademar Aguiar 

  • DIGital and InTelligent IndustriAL R&D Laboratory

            Responsible person: Gil Gonçalves

And also at the following Research Units, financed by FCT (the Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology):






Schedule: 9h30 - 12h30 / 14h30 - 17h00
E-mail: secdei@fe.up.pt
Telephone: +351 225 082 134 / Voip: 3900
Fax: +351 225 574 103
Address: Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n
Zip code: 4200-465
Location: PORTO
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