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Doctoral Program in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering

InformationCourse/CS accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES).
The Doctoral Program in Mining and Geo-resources engineering focuses on a multidisciplinary, advanced and comprehensive approach to scientific or technological issues involved in the life cycle of a mineral resource. Research will preferentially concern the fundamental understanding of the basic processes that support the sciences and technologies involved in the application of engineering principles to the Earth Sciences.

Who can apply:
  • Holders of a Master's degree or legal equivalent in the area of Earth sciences and technologies, such as Mining Engineering, Geological Eng., Geotechnical Eng., Applied Geology or related areas;
  • Holders of a Bachelor's degree with a relevant academic or scientific curriculum in this scientific area recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting to their ability to attend this cycle of studies;
  • Those with an academic, scientific or professional curriculum in this scientific area recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting to their ability to attend this cycle of studies.
Ranking Criteria:
  1. In Phase 1, only applicants with application grades higher than 14 (out of 20) will be ranked. They must also provide documentary evidence proving they have the qualifications necessary to apply. Alternate candidates and applicants who do not meet Phase 1 requirements will be automatically transferred to Phase 2.
  2. Candidates who have completed or are expected to complete the programme before the applications deadline, will be accepted in subsequent phases. If they cannot obtain the Graduation Certificate, a Declaration of Honour stating they have completed the necessary qualifications required must be produced. The registration will only be considered valid upon presentation of the Graduation Certificate.
Tuition Fees: 3000¤
Director of the Program
Maria de Lurdes Dinis
email: mldinis@fe.up.pt


The overall objectives of the doctoral program in mining engineering and Geo-resources are the following:

  • Systematic and in-depth understanding in a particular area of Mining engineering and Geo-resources, particularly in large areas of Geo-sciences, Geo-engineering, the Geo-resources and Geo-environment;
  • Development of skills to conceive, design, adapt and perform original research of high quality and worthy of dissemination in publications with peer review system;
  • Development of skills to analyse, synthesize and interpret complex scientific information;
  • Development of entrepreneurship and innovation capabilities.
The research focuses on topics related to the life cycle of mineral resources: the availability of minerals; prospection and recognition; mining project; study of potential environmental impacts; exploitation of mineral deposits; ore processing; the disposal, treatment and recycling of mineral wastes; decommissioning, closure and abandonment; geo-environmental technologies and still on any supporting science or technology such as geostatistics, rock mechanics, geophysics, etc.

Research should include innovative aspects (or themes, or methodologies or conclusions) that represent a contribution to the development of the scientific or technological knowledge within the domain in which it is inserted.

  • CERENA – Center of Natural Resources and Environment
  • LAETA - Associate Laboratory for Energy, Transports and Aerospace

Fields of Specialization

Mining Engineering

Professional Abilities

Feup's main mission is to "trains at interncaional level engineering professionals, supported by a multidisciplinary and excellent research and services, covering the technical, cientific, social and cultural".

The realization of the doctoral program in mining engineering and Geo-Resources will enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills and/or competences following:

  • Ability to perform the following functions:
         a) teaching in higher education;
         b) and realization of driving scientific research;
         c) industrial, administrative activities of coordination, supervision and innovation;

  • Ability to integrate interdisciplinary teams for research, innovation and development;
  • Acquire practical use of rigorous research methodologies and best suited to the nature of the same;
  • Leadership skills using socially responsible cultural and ethical standards.

Employment Prospects

Highly qualified professional to integrate and take leadereship in:
  • Medium and large size companies;
  • State agencies;
  • Research and innovation.


Foreign Students
The Doctoral Program in Mining Engineering and Geo-Resources has a curricular component in the 1st year, which can be carried out at a distance, except for the annual course of Seminar - Research Project which is done in a face-to-face mode, to develop research activity in FEUP's laboratories, on the thesis' theme. In the following years, the development of the thesis is exclusively in a face-to-face mode.
This doctoral program does not have its own grants. The Portuguese Scientific System, through the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) annually awards PhD scholarships to national and foreign candidates in individual application competitions (open competitions, open to national and foreign researchers, in any area of knowledge), being necessary to have already defined a work plan and a supervisor from the institution.
If you wish to apply for a PhD scholarship, we suggest that you contact the Director of the study cycle, explaining your motivations and areas of interest. In addition, you can send a curriculum vitae, indicating the average of the degree obtained and the theme/topic of interest for research development.
Although foreign students do not need degree recognition to enroll in PhD Programs in Portugal, in the case of an application for a PhD scholarship, it is a mandatory requirement to present degree recognition.


Director of the Study Cycle
Maria de Lurdes Dinis
email: mldinis@fe.up.pt

General information

Official Code: 5747
Director: Maria De Lurdes Dinis
Acronym: PDEMGR
Academic Degree: Doctor
Type of course/cycle of study: Doctoral Degree
Start: 2009/2010
Duration: 3 Years

Study Plan


  • Doctorate in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering (180 ECTS credits)
  • Advanced Studies (3rd cycle) in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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