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17th and 18th June, 2021

Call for Papers EUMODFRAUD Conference

Topic: Prevention of corruption and fraud in European Funds.

Organization: organized by EUMODFRAUD European Research group, Observatório de Economia e Gestão de Fraude (OBEGEF), Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto, Portugal and Faculty of Economics, University of Burgos, Spain. 

Keynote Speakers:
Ruth Aguilera (D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University)
Florencio López-de-Silanes (SKEMA Business School)
Ilan Alon (School of Business and Law at the University of Adger) 

Coordinators of Eumodfraud proyect (University of Burgos): Óscar López-de-Foronda; Fernando García-Moreno Rodríguez; David Blanco-Alcántara.
Jorge Bento Farinha (University of Porto)
Óscar Afonso (Univ. of Porto) and President of OBEGEF                                                     

Workshop Venue:
Virtual format.

Conference link


Conference Overview:
Several cases related to corruption and fraud have occurred in different EU countries during the last years. These cases have arisen in both public and private organizations, and they highlight the importance of institutions and firms trying to prevent the misuse of funds. Moreover, organizations have to be aware of the effects that such practices might have when taking their financial decisions and they need to deal with it.

In this way, an aim of the conference is the development of high-level comparative studies on the analysis of the factors leading the possibilities to explain and prevent fraud and corruption practices in European organizations and institutions, that may, directly or indirectly, pertain to the usage of EU funds. An additional particular interest is, more broadly, on the financial factors and consequences of corruption and fraud in Europe. In this way, the topics may include financial corporate decision making adopted by managers, boards, politicians and other relevant stakeholders in both public and private organizations that may be relevant for either the prevention of the occurrence of corruption. Also welcome are papers related to the bankruptcy risk of firms due to corruption attitudes and their decisions on capital structure, on the use and consecution of financial EU funds, the liquidity, provisions or dividends. Finally, the influence of Fintech in money laundering regulatory risk evaluation, the effect of financial culture and the financial system of the firm’s propensity to bribe are also relevant topics.

More info about the conference may be found at:

The EUMODFRAUD project is an International Research EU Project belongs to the Hercule programme, which is associated with the Anti-Fraud agency of the European Union (EU proposal 878513 – Hercule III 2019 Legal Training and Studies, HERCULE-2019-LT-AG, approved in 2019, 2nd November 19 de November, 2019 by European Commission within the EU PROJECT H2020 and Hercules III Program. 

The Eumodfraud Research group is a European international group with members from leading European Institutions.

Target paper topics:

Papers for the conference about Comparative studies among EU regions of differences in Financial Culture and Practices on Corrupt Behaviour, about study cases of EU corruption and about the prevention antifraud policies and the influence on corporate risk taking are especially encouraged.

The main financial topic areas for the conference are:

Financial System and banking sector

  • The level of banks’ legal provisions depending on the corruption practices
  • The analysis of the financial factors of each EU region to prevent fraud attitudes in European companies.
  • Comparative studies among EU regions of differences in financial culture and practices on corrupt behavior
  • The influence of Fintech in Money laundering regulatory risk evaluation in Europe

Financial decisions by European firms

  • The bankruptcy of European firms due to the failure of control systems to prevent fraud attitudes
  • The prevention antifraud policies and the influence on corporate risk taking and firms value
  • The impact of corruption on the financial decisions of European firms, such as capital structure, liquidity, provisions or dividends
  • The corporate financial compliance of directors and managers
  • The fraud of EU funds for companies and project finance


Doctoral and Master Students Colloquium:

There will be a special session aimed at Doctoral and Master students developing theses and dissertations on Fraud and Corruption related topics, to present their research projects and work in progress to a panel of senior researchers with the aim of getting relevant feedback to pursuit their research activities.

Paper Submission Procedures:
Please send your paper by email to before the deadline (below). 

Deadline for submission of papers to the Conference:
30 April, 2021

Publication opportunities: papers presented at conference may be submitted, for special issues, to one of the two following journals (one for Finance-related papers and another for Management-focused ones) for special issues:

  1. European Journal of Finance (for Finance-related papers)

In your paper submission to the conference, please indicate if you would like to submit your paper for consideration for a special issue of the European Journal of Finance (EJF). The guest editors for the special issue will be Óscar López-de-Foronda (University of Burgos)
Jorge Bento Farinha (University of Porto) and Óscar Afonso (Univ. of Porto).

Papers submitted for the EJF special issue will be blind reviewed according to standard journal policy. Authors should submit their work to via the journal’s website: . There is a submission fee of £125.00 and submitted articles should be consistent with the aims and scope of the journal and papers must comply with the format specified in the notes for authors on the European Journal of Finance website:

The opening date for the special issue will be 1st October 2021. Please do not submit for the special issue before that date. The closing date for submissions to the journal is 31st January 2022. A reminder of the call for papers will be sent out to participants after the conference.

  1. European Journal of International Management (for Management-related papers)

In your paper submission to the conference, please indicate if you would like to submit your paper for consideration for a special issue of European Journal of International Management The guest editors for the special issue will be Prof. Óscar López-de-Foronda and Prof. Fernando García-Moreno (University of Burgos, Spain), Prof. Włodzimierz Sroka (WSB University, Poland) and Prof. Jorge Bento Farinha (University of Porto, Portugal).

Please see submission procedures and further details for this special issue on

Also note the following key dates for this special issue:

Manuscripts due by: 17 August, 2021

Notification to authors: 17 October, 2021

Final versions due by: 17 December, 2021

Financial Support for the conference: This conference is an initiative of the EUMODFRAUD European Research group project. This project is funded by the European Union's HERCULE III programme under the grant agreement No 878513. Hercule III Programme, Legal Training and Studies 2019 (HERCULE-LT-AG-2019).

Conference Registration fees: the registration for this conference is free of charge.

Contact info:

Jorge Bento Farinha
University of Porto, Faculty of Economics
Rua Roberto Frias
4200-464 Porto

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